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What happened outside the Guns N´Roses show in Guadalajara?

Many gossip, dimes and diretes have been exposed in recent days about what happened outside the show. Guns N´Roses at the Jalisco Stadium in Guadalajara last Friday, October 18. From people who stayed outside with a paid ticket, to photocopies of tickets - which never existed -, long lines and an even longer etcetera. That is a half reality.

It is true that there were several failures in logistics, shared errors between Live Talent, Royal house society - the other promoter of the event - and even the ticket office of the event, StubHub. For example, the fact of having a single entrance for all the people in the general area was a miscalculation by someone from the promoters, which caused the lines to be slow and the entrance somewhat annoying. Lack of signage did not exist, because not only were the entrance doors of each type of ticket uploaded to social networks, but outside each door there was a gigantic totem and blankets that also indicated it. People do not read.

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On the other hand, the entry time marked on the ticket was 5:30 in the afternoon; However, there were people who tried to enter even after the show started, people who got into the lines and wanted to get in faster, which generated a bottleneck at the stadium entrances and further encouraged entry. Ah, what a lack of civility!

A group of people who did not have a ticket arrived around 8 p.m., trying to force one of the stadium's side doors, which caused the police and civil protection to order the doors of the Jalisco Stadium to be closed to protect the people who were already inside the compound. This caused people who did have a paid ticket to stay out of the show to stay out momentarily; however, the gates were reopened after the disturbances were calmed and they were able to access again. We have read some cases of people who, due to the confusion and misinformation of the local police themselves, were left out. Unfortunately, the data is not known how many are real and how many are not.

In the end, the reported entry for the show was 43 thousand people who could enjoy a tremendous show by Guns N Roses. You can read our review, here.