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My Dying Bride releases song, 'The 2nd of Three Bells'

British Death-Doom Metal legends My Dying Bride have announced the release of their new studio album 'A Mortal Binding'. , which will be released on April 19 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Today the band released the second single from the album, 'The 2nd of Three Bells'. “The 2nd of three Bells shows the band in a more musical performance, juxtaposed with the artistic metaphor of the conflicts between the death sentence and the desire for the brief joys in life.”

A Mortal Binding', the long-awaited successor to 2020's 'The Ghost of Orion', finds the quintet of Yorkshire delirious in its anxiety, loss and effort to shine. From the raw anguish of 'Her Dominion' and the deranged horror of 'Thornwyck Hymn', to the funereal violins of the epic 'The Apocalyptist' >, at 11 minutes,“A Mortal Binding” isMy Dying Brideat its finest. If anything, “Songs of Darkness, Words of Light” (2004) elevated the band to new heights and “A Map of All Our Failures” ”(2012) expanded on the band’s greatness, “A Mortal Binding” puts My Dying Bride strong> in a new phase of exultant and elegiac misery.

My Dying Bride hired Mark Mynett, studio wizard who produced and mixed “The Ghost of Orion”, for the production, mixing and mastering of 'A Mortal Binding'. The group immersed themselves in the Mynetaur Productions studio (Paradise Lost, Rotting Christ) in Manchester, United Kingdom, where they recorded the album from July to September 2023.

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