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Chelsea Wolfe releases documentary, 'She Reaches Out'

Chelsea Wolfe has released a documentary capturing the tour of her “career-spanning masterpiece” (Bandcamp), the album She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She. The documentary, filmed and edited by Nicolás Sandino Moreno, presents the powerful and chilling aura of Wolfe's live show with footage from performances in Silver Spring, Maryland, New York and Los Angeles, including performances of “Whispers In The Echo Chamber”, “Tunnel Lights” and the impressive acoustic closer “The Liminal”. Hailed by Brooklyn Vegan as “mesmerizing from start to finish,” Chelsea Wolfe's live show features Ben Chisholm, Bryan Tulao and Jess Gowrie, and is styled lighting by John-Michael Schaub.

In the documentary trailer, Wolfe explains: “These songs demanded to be lived. This album demanded to be experienced. If it didn't happen, that wouldn't let me stay alive. This live set has been a challenge because for me it's a bridge between the old and the new, which makes sense because this album is very much a bridge between the old and the new."

Chelsea Wolfe heads across the Atlantic next week to tour Europe promoting She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She.

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