Bad Omens cancel 2024 tour due to Noah Sebastian health crisis

Bad Omens has canceled all the dates it had announced in Europe and the United Kingdom, due to a health crisis of the singer Noah Sebastian, who has decided to prioritize his recovery. The band reported it through a statement:

“I have been experiencing something that can only be described as extreme burnout.

While all the touring and work we've put into this album cycle over the last few years has been very rewarding and exciting, it has also pushed me to the limits of my mental bandwidth and pitted my mind against my body in conflict, so it has become detrimental to my health.

That said, we have decided that it is necessary to cancel all the presentations we had scheduled this year in Europe and the United Kingdom. This decision is best for my health and well-being, and the long-term balance for Bad Omens. We need to protect and restore the energy we will need as we transition into a new chapter.

We know it may be disappointing, but I hope you can understand the decision to put my health first. “Noah, Bad Omens.”

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