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Cabal releases version of 'If I Hang, Let Me Swing', feat. John Cxnnor

Just returning from the European leg of their Magno Interitus tour, there is no rest for the Danes of Cabal. The band has just released a new version of their song ”If I Hang, Let Me Swing', which shows the result of the work between Cabal and the industrial-techno collectiveJohn Cxnnor.

“John Cxnnor is one of our favorite bands on the scene here in Denmark. The way they make the bridge between electronic music and Metal is really impressive and since we already worked with them on some songs, the fact that they have completely reimagined one of our tracks seems incredible. We couldn't be happier with the result, it is some of the heaviest electronic music ever made.”

Cabal is one of the most brutal and promising bands from Copenhagen, Denmark. The ensemble aims to create a visceral and deep atmosphere through its musical and visual expression. The production is brilliant, while the composition shows inspiration from Black and Death Metal, to Djent and Hardcore.

Since the release of their debut album “Mark of Rot” in 2018, the young band has made a name for themselves on the scene, in Denmark and the rest of the world, playing festivals such as Copenhell, Roskilde Festival, Euroblast Festival and Complexity Fest, in addition to touring Europe, Japan and North America.

Cabal released their second album “Drag Me Down” in April 2020. A dark descent into a personal hell brought to life with crushing instrumentals, an oppressive atmosphere and dark, personal lyrics, delivered with a relentless intensity. Of course, there was also room for experimentation and expansion of CABAL's sound. Matt Heafy of Trivium, Jamie Hails of Polaris and Kim Song Sternkopf of MØL were also part of this album as guests, making it clear that Cabal is a band with friends in every corner of the Metal scene.

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