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The return of Motorama to Mexico

Motorama has embarked on a new tour through various Latin American cities, accompanied by new material, so their return to Mexico is confirmed and on this occasion, they will visit Mérida (28 February), Mexico City (March 1 and 2) and Guadalajara (March 3).

Motorama Tour Latam

Motorama are already one of the favorites of the Mexican public when it comes to post-punk, they have left an indelible mark with classics like 'Wind in her Hair', 'Heavy Wave' and 'Ghost' , which are just a window to the sound with which they have captivated us over the years.

“Sleep, and I will sing” is an evolution of his characteristic label. Maintaining the melancholic depth of Vlad's unmistakable voice, the album incorporates faint keyboards and crystalline guitars that add a light pop touch to his repertoire that also ventures into jangle-pop with tracks like “Not Really”, where they show us a side fresh and contemporary.

Presented by Eyescream Productions and ACK Promote, this Motorama tour promises to take us on a sonic journey that fuses the energy of their live performances with the charming darkness of its musical aesthetic.

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