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Arka'n Asrafokor presents details of his new album, 'Dzikkuh'

The Togolese Arka'n Asrafokor have presented the details of their new studio album, 'Dzikkuh', which will be available next May 24 through his new label, Reigning Phoenix Music. The new single, ‘Angry God Of Earth’ is available now.

'Angry God Of Earth' is an invitation to re-tune ourselves to the rhythms of Mother Earth. Not long ago, we used to listen, watch and feel what she wanted. Our every movement used to be in tune with the rhythms of Mother Earth. We used to see magic by bowing before the strength and power of it. Until we decide otherwise and let our egos take the lead, driving the victory of greed over solidarity. And yet, we are nothing more than guests on this planet. By foregrounding our asrafocore music, we hope the warning is loud and clear. It is not too late to calm the fury of our wounded Earth. “It’s not too late to calm down the angry god of Earth,” the band says.

‘Dzikkuh’ – Tracklist:

01. The Truth
02. Not Getting In Line
03. Walk With Us
04. Angry God Of Earth
05. Mamade
06. Asrafo
07. Final Tournament
08. Still Believe
09. Home
10. The Calling

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