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Unleash the Archers release single, 'Ghosts In The Mist'

Unleash the Archers have released their new single, 'Ghosts in the Mist', a new preview of their upcoming studio album 'Phantoma' which will be available from May 10 via Napalm Records.

“If you saw us at any of the shows we played last year, you might recognize this song! We filmed the music video at Mad With Power Fest, ProgPower USA, and at our show in Montreal, Canada, and it's filled with so many friends and familiar faces. We love including these particular festivals in the video because they have both been supporters of us for a long time and we hope to be able to play them again and again as the years go by. The track is one of the most synth-heavy songs on the album, but it also has some radical vocals from Grant that can hit you in the head, so we hope there's something for everyone to enjoy here!” says the band.

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