The guitarist of Tool, Adam Jones, is working hand in hand with Gibson to create his own line of guitars based on the LesPaul 1979 Silverbust model, his favorite.

“I remember I bought the first one from a store on the Sunset Strip in the early 90's. The seller tried not to, it was one of those Guitar R Us type stores, where they were all very handsome and well-groomed, with jeans tucked into their cowboy boots.

But from the beginning I loved the color and the guitar in general, I think that the metallic tone in the paint has an effect on the tone or the resonance ...

Right now I have six Les Paul Silverbust and a couple more that they gave me from other custom guitars that were painted that color. Before, I only took two guitars on tour, but now we play 'Prison Sex' on Drop B and then I have to go down to Drop C for 'The Pot' because that makes it easier for Maynard and allows it to be released completely. ”

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Tool He canceled his full 2020 tour in support of his fans, so they could receive refunds so they could better cope with the economic crisis stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The band's most recent album, 'Fear Inoculum', the first since 2006, was released in mid-2019.