Deftones 'White Pony' has already grown, now it will be 'Black Stallion'

Twenty years after the launch of 'White Pony', Deftones will release a new version of the album which is named 'Black Stallion'. The information was confirmed by the vocalist Chino Moreno through a video conference.

"We will release a new edition of 'White Pony' later in the year, a remixed version titled 'Black Stallion.' We have a lot of people involved in this new version, people who inspired part of the creation of the album itself, of the original version. It is a way to close the cycle. ” Moreno said.

On the other hand, Frank Delgado, keyboardist of the band added that the idea of launching this new version, arose even before the release of the original version and that the band would want DJ Shadow to mix it.

deftones white pony portada
20 years have passed since the launch of White Pony

“We would talk about the album and how good it would be and we would say 'It will be so good, we will have DJ Shadow mixing it up and call it' Black Stallion '. In fact we once found it. He was playing in a city and I had to be the opening DH, so that day Chino Moreno and I cornered him.

We said, 'Hi, this is the Deftones,' and he looked at us like we were totally insane. And we asked him, 'We want you to mix our record', and he said, 'Deftones? Do they play Ska? ' But he was like, 'Well, send it to me,' surely to try to get rid of us and we could only think, 'Well, we haven't recorded it yet.' It was very crazy. ”

For now, there is no release date for 'Black Stallion', but the band is expected to release their new album in late 2020.