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A night of blood and meat with Gore and Carnage


Photos by Alfredo ALV

A real party of gore, grind and metal It was the one that was lived in the launching event of the new album by the band from Puebla Gore and Carnage titled "Chronicles of blood and meat", who accompanied by two other great bands such as Marraneitors and Hallux Valgus they busted the Multiforo 246, at an event organized by GAF Agency Music where power and folklore were not lacking neither below nor above the stage at any time.

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The red curtain opens, and the first to appear are Hallux Valgus from Leon, Guanajuato. The band whose name is used for the grotesque “bunions” of the feet was very well received by the people from the beginning and put everyone "Shake the lice" -literal words of its vocalist- with its powerful Brutal Death Metal. The band managed to catch the spirits after two years of absence in the Mexican capital according to their accounts, and with everything and cover of Gutallax included they went more than applauded leaving the stage on and hot for the "carnitas".

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What came next was a real butcher shop with a swine smell. Marraneitors is definitely a beloved band on the scene gore for their original concept and the power they unleash in each of their presentations, which was more than clear with the way they made the 246. His entry with the audio of a northern radio station and his wardrobe with a plaid shirt and a Texan hat has no one else, and as soon as his setlist started it was all blows and shoves everywhere. "Badder than pork" and "I fell in love with your stinking farts" They were some of the themes that the most people celebrated already without a shirt and sweaty, and even with fans only in boxer or even with a white underwear on the face as a mask. "Puercas, Luchonas y cabronas", "If they touch your cucumber, they better do something filthy" and "The 3 gorecía" with everything and wall of death included they dismissed the piggy night of the natives of San Luis Potosí.

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Finally Gore and Carnage was present, and from the beginning with "Macabre dance" it was well seen that the atmosphere of shoving and guttural muck was not going to decline, quite the contrary. Just on the next song "Cursed Plague”The duff beer cap from Gary Gomez It has already flown, and the singer tears his vowels while waving the strings of his bass madly. In a song they dedicate to "All those who are good pedotes" and with the singer of Hallux Valgus like invited, "Possessed by mezcal" filled with grindcore ethyl the enclosure. "We see old faces but also many new ones on the premises, this goes for those who have supported us all these 15 or 16 years" announces Gary to the microphone before playing Happy / Cocksucker. As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, the reason for this party was the release of the new album, so it is time to listen to the first song released for this work, "The Day of Leprosy"; followed by "Cold-blooded" which also appears on this new plate; a very different theme to everything the band has done with a much more metal sound and less grind. But people also want to hear the old songs and are spoiled with "Chabelita", theme released in the first album of Gore and Carnage.

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On the track the degeneration is total in the slam, with the color of a fanatic with a horse mask giving and receiving blows among the people; and even an inflatable alien bouncing from one side to the other to the rhythm of "Anal Bullying ”. "This song is dedicated to all those who always go to farts but never put a varus" announces Gore and Carnage before letting go with "Captain Tonayán" in which in fact a good wall of death, and then give us something else by introducing "The Revenge of the Mataviejitas" and "Mutant Action ”. The night is coming to an end and the blood begins to clot, but it is time to thank all the gangs and the people for their assistance, so the people of Puebla dedicate the execution of "Chronicles of Blood and Meat" all of them. And then the band asks that all the members of Hallux Valgus and Marraneitors  get on stage, and then the mega is put together pigeon to the beat of Carnage Drinking Party in which the slam gets so good that even one of the musicians ends up jumping people, closing the massacre. Thus came to an end a night in which without international bands and with pure local talent, it became clear that metal and grind they have bestial exponents capable of highlighting any forum with their power.

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What a feast of marranery, blood and rot!
"Blood and Meat", the new album by Gore and Carnage, was successfully presented with an event in which all the participants unleashed an unforgettable butchery.