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Tool cancels all dates of their 2020 tour

Bad news for fans of Tool. The band has reported that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been left without the possibility of re-announcing the dates of their 2020 tour, so they have been forced to cancel them permanently.

“As many music lovers have realized in recent weeks, there is no ace up their sleeve that artists, promoters and venues can draw in these unprecedented times.

When we played what would be our final show in 2020 on March 11 at the Portland Fashion Center, we thought we'd be back on tour sometime this fall. As we work toward that goal, we have come to realize that there is absolutely no certainty in rescheduling dates for this fall or even 2021. State and local ordinances vary widely and no one can predict when the massive events of safe way.

At the same time that we were working to reschedule this tour, we were reading their messages. Many lost their jobs, had some illness, much emotional and financial pain. We could continue to postpone or reschedule dates to sometime in 2021, but ethically, we don't believe this is the right course of action. In our opinion, tying up our fans' money for months, if not a full year, is unfair. With that in mind, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the tour in order to help the people who have supported us for years.

Please know that we want to go back on tour, play our songs for you and celebrate our recovery together. When the time is right, that is what we will do.

En los próximos días, recibirán un correo notificando la cancelación del evento y la información de su reembolso.”