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"We will play a setlist of the first albums exclusively for Candelabrum Fest": Dah, Dies Irae

Dies Irae is a mexican band from Doom metal cult with many years of being present on the scene. Their work has led them to be known beyond our borders with excellent acceptance. On the eve of his next special presentation at the Candelabrum Fest we could talk a little with Dah, vocalist and guitarist of the band.

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Tell us a little about the concept of the band for those who do not know them yet

The project started around 1991 and four discs have been recorded in total; each one of them with a very good acceptance not only in Mexico but worldwide. As for our sound, it is difficult to label ourselves in a single concept.In general we could say that we are a metal band, because for example on our first album we sounded very Doom Metal, then we implemented a heavier and merged sound, to finally in our last stage lean towards a more experimental sound.

In the description of his facebook we can find the definition “Sad Doom Metal” Is sadness a good muse for lyrics and melodies?

He Doom metal in a way default It is considered sad music, although for example on our album “Etherial” there are actually very joyous moments in some of the songs. However, I know that in our work minor scales predominate, which are usually associated with feelings such as sadness. I have to confess that I'm a pop fan that bands like Depeche Mode, with that sadness, melancholy and darkness that they manage; reason why that influence can perhaps be reflected in the work of the band.

¿Cual es la historia detrás del re-lanzamiento de “Ab Imo Pectore”, uno de sus trabajos más importantes?

Our albums were released many years ago, and then suddenly some labels began to contact us interested in reissuing our works. The key point was when we recovered our original recordings and then we decided to reissue them with the new technological tools to give away better sound. “Etherial” for example it was released through Exhumed Records y distribuido en su nuevo lanzamiento en Europa y algunas otras partes del mundo. En el caso de “Ab Imo Pectore” decidimos re-lanzarlo solo en México porque es el disco digamos consentido entre nuestros seguidores nacionales, pero hay planes de hecho de ampliar la distribución a otros lugares.

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In your networks we also read that the band would work on new material in 2020. How did the current situation affect you for that objective?

Talking about this in particular I tell you: we were working on the setlist what we prepare for him Candelabrum Fest, since although I have been active playing in other projects some members such as Charles -our original bassist- no. So we were fully involved in it and after that we would work on the new material, but with the question of quarantine we made the decision not to play with our health and respect the measures, and we stopped the plans to record the new. The current plan is to continue rehearsing and come to the festival with everything and give a great performance, so that once the commitment is over, we will get to work on that new album.

Speaking of the Candelabrum Fest: tell us a bit about your expectations for this appearance

It is the first festival in León of such magnitude and my opinion has always been that León is an ideal city for concerts; It is in the center of the country and has all the infrastructure for events of that caliber. The poster is impressive and it is an honor for us to be there. We gave ourselves the task of seeing what the other bands are going to bring and for example Serious plans to bring a setlist pure old school, so we also thought to put together a special selection with pure themes from the first albums, for those fans of yesteryear. Our subsequent presentations will mix the new and the old but this selection “old school” we will only play it exclusively for Candelabrum.

Which of the other bands on the poster do you find the most attractive?

I had the chance to see Shining many years ago and it really is a band that will leave you speechless. I know that Moonspell and other bands present are also great but I think Shining It is undoubtedly the highlight of the poster. I have to confess that I have stayed a bit away from new releases or recent things in metal and I am someone who usually listens more to his old records, but without a doubt the poster that he offers Candelabrum it's pretty good in its entirety.

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