Tarja y Alissa White-Gluz unen fuerzas en ‘Demons In You’

Finnish Tarja Turunen he joined the Canadian Alissa White-Gluz [Arch Enemy] to jointly release the single ‘Demons In You’, which is part of the new album by ex-Nightwish, ‘The Shadow Self’, released a few months ago. The single will be available physically and digitally from November 11.

Acceptance of this song by more than 75,000 fans Metal enthusiasts at the Wacken Open Air, is still remembered as one of the strongest points of that important festival.

El contraste de las dos voces – por una parte, la soprano limpia y casi angelical de Tarja y por otro, el estilo agresivo y oscuro de Alissa – supone un reto entre ambos talentos, otorgándole al tema un valor especial. La canción muestra un riff de guitarra memorable y con una más que grandilocuente aportación de Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) to the battery. The mix is crisp and clear, thanks to the work of Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, U2).

The physical and digital version of this release also includes two previously unreleased versions of the song: one with Tarja only on vocals and the other exclusively with Alissa.