Seven bands we want to see at Hell and Heaven 2020

The arrival of a new edition of the festival Hell and Heaven is imminent. Live Talent made it official that the event will return in 2020 (although without many details yet) and we have already tasted the bands that will possibly make up a lineup that we are sure will be spectacular.

We leave you seven bands that we would like to see in our country as part of the Hell and Heaven 2020 poster.


Gojira Hell and Heaven 2020

The French Gojira They have become one of the bands with the largest number of followers worldwide in recent years and one of the greatest references in contemporary metal. With a show full of power and despite the fact that his latest album ‘Magma’ It has been launched for 3 years, it seems that the number of followers of the French band does nothing but rise. Let's hope that the dates give and the works of his next studio album do not interfere.


Tool Hell and Heaven 2020

One of the most requested bands worldwide would be an excellent headliner for a festival like Hell and Heaven 2020, especially with the enormous hype generated by the release of their new album, 'Fear Inoculum' which has catapulted them to the top of the popularity charts worldwide. We would be more than happy to see Maynard J. Keenan, Adam Jones, Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor on the main stage of the festival.


Mercyful Fate Hell and Heaven 2020

The return of one of the greatest metal legends in Denmark thrilled thousands of fans worldwide. Now, with a handful of confirmed shows throughout Europe, and also with new themes the arrival of Mercyful Fate in the framework of Hell and Heaven 2020 it would be a blow of authority from the festival and a must for all lovers of the genre.


Manowar Hell and Heaven 2020

Manowar It is one of the bands most requested by metal lovers in Mexico, especially since Joey DeMaio's band has never set foot on Mexican soil. It must be remembered that a few months ago DeMaio himself announced that they had found a promoter in our country and that they would soon announce their participation in a festival, so their appearance in Hell and Heaven 2020 is quite feasible.


Amon Amarth Hell and Heaven 2020

With a new album under his arm, ‘Berzerker’ and an enviable legion of followers in Mexico, Amon Amarth It would be an excellent option to ensure good attendance at the festival. This would not be the first time that the Vikings of Johan Hegg appeared at the festival, as they were part of the 2016 edition, headed by Rammstein.


Volbeat Hell and Heaven 2020

With almost twenty years of career behind him, the Danes Volbeat They are another great option to be part of the festival. Although their last visit did not fare well in terms of sales, their popularity has grown exponentially in recent years and we are sure it would be a great addition to the lineup.


Judas Priest Hell and Heaven 2020

There is not much to say that this absolute metal legend has not been said. Judas Priest It is celebrating its 50 years of existence, so we would not see anything crazy that they returned to Mexico to head Hell and Heaven 2020, even when they were part of the last edition of the festival, which matters little to heavy metal lovers. We might as well see Rob Halford and his companions every day and not be bored.