Melodeath night with The Black Dahlia Murder in Guadalajara


At eight o'clock at night the doors opened and the evening began with a handful of people in the venue, people were preparing for the long show that the night received by three local bands and the main course: The Black Dahlia Murder.

Death metal reigned the night. The evening began with the Tapatian band Betray me, who began to summon the people of Guadalajara to the stage, to receive Lack of Remorse, band that we have seen present in the last concert of the year.

And the national band in charge of closing the curtain was Arcane Hate, which achieved the first mosh pit of the night and finished summoning thirsty fans of the American band.

When we turned back, in a blink of an eye, the venue was full, and full of energy we welcomed TBDM with 'Widow', a song that indisputably drove everyone crazy, the charisma on the stage of each member was indisputable, and Trevor He could notice the enthusiasm of each person in the place, the same happiness that between smiles and gutturals made us notice.

The band continued with 'Serpent' and 'Matriarch': from start to finish the majestic skill on the guitar of Brandon Ellis became the protagonist of the night, who with his long blonde hair headbanging in each riff and its precision for solos, left us simply delighted, and yes, if there was any doubt, angels do exist.

The setlist was long, with almost twenty songs like Nightbringers, 'As Good As Dead', 'Horrible Night' and 'Death Mask' They were unmissable on their visit to our city.

and of course, to close with a flourish, the boys left the stage with 'Funeral Thrist'. The audience was divided into enthusiastic chorus girls and moshpiteros insatiable, that despite this, it was a calm and totally enjoyable show, in which in the end, the only thing you could notice were the smiles of the attendees at having had a completely satisfactory show.



Photographs by Rodrigo Cerda exclusively for Summa Inferno. All rights reserved.


El público estaba dividido en entusiastas coristas y moshpiteros insaciables, que a pesar de ello, fue un show tranquilo y totalmente disfrutable, en el que al final, lo único de lo que te podías percatar eran de las sonrisas de los asistentes al haber tenido un show completamente satisfactorio.