‘No hay Dios ni salvación, dale desde aquí’: Anibal, Caelaluz.

Originally from Monterrey with more than a decade of experience, Light-Caela It has made noise on the Mexican scene thanks to the quality of its music and messages that it transmits to its audience. We had the pleasure of talking with Anibal, bassist of the band, about the national scene, his next projects and more.

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They have more than a decade of experience. What has been your formula as a band to succeed in raising the name of Monterrey?

The truth is that the idea has been to do what we want when we want, we do not always play or wherever, that has made us be more selective to try to do things as well as possible and people are already seeing it, if we do it it is For something, it is not for suckers, it is because people always deserve the best from our band and play in the best places.

What contributions do you want to make to the national scene?

We are planning to do a tour but doing it the same way as we do things, with other Mexican bands that want to do things the way we do.

We also want to determine the album, which we have already been preparing for a while, what happens is that the music is usually recorded by me, then the voices and we send it to be mixed with Macario, from Arcada Libre, unfortunately he is very busy with tours and we The time has come to hasten the status of our album.

With Macario we do very cool things, he understands the concept very well and we have worked very well, getting out of this line could ruin things.

At least we are releasing a track every two or three months and we make the videos ourselves. What is going to follow is to release one track and one more video and then the album, my plan is for it to come out this year, and the video I want to come out in the summer.

They will be playing in the Cavalera brothers' show, how they feel to be present at the

The truth feels incredible, I grew up listening to them, the first time I saw them was in San Antonio, and the truth blew my mind, then I saw them again in McAllen, it was an adventure to arrive and I had not realized that I was Derrick, and that's how he's with mother! And from there I was left with the thorn that I was missing, and right now the truth is a dream, and seeing them with those records, are one of my favorites of the band. For me it is a band like Metallica, which has made its mark on several generations and on their albums too, there are people who like some and others like everything. It is very difficult to do something like what they have achieved, to be a legend and a figure for many people who may not know your whole legacy and still are a legend.

We played with Max last year, but we couldn't talk with them, and I think now is going to be the opportunity to greet them and spend a little time with them.

What other international band would you like to share the stage with?

No, it is super difficult, I would like to play with everything, but what I really like are events like these where you are with an artist, I prefer to be at a festival with many more bands, when there are only one or two bands you can Talk to the artist or even listen to you a little bit and you can have a conversation about it. Hopefully we can do more of these kinds of shows too.

Tell me more about what's behind the meaning of your band name 'Caelaluz'

What happens is that we all try to make it dark, but we do not want to make it obvious, we always put things or phrases that give you the intention of what we are saying, we want them to look for you, our ideas are always to leave a seed, and if someone He looks for it and finds it, he will hook himself, and then Caelaluz comes from there, we are beings of darkness and we want to knock down the light.

The 90% of the songs are things that have already happened to us and the other 10% are things that someone has already told us, and then simply put a little more so that the songs stay and rhyme, but we try to say what we do and what we live.

Tell me more about the meaning behind your single 'I drive eternal suffering'

Well look, it was done because we do not follow any religion but we do not support any, they tell us that we are satanic and things like that and the truth is that I am only the Satanist, but for ethics.

Simply by reading the satanic commandments you realize that things are different from what they teach us as children, things are more human, being who you want to be, doing what you want to do, is what we most desire in life, in They actually have positive messages, and when someone blocks you from what you can't do or say that kind of thing, we are against it, so we don't see why we should support something or someone who says things like that.

This song is a 'come and follow me, I have the best formula for you to achieve it'.

There is no God or salvation, give it from here, have fun, enjoy it, achieve things.

What is the song that has marked you the most?

The truth is difficult, because we try to make the songs really thought, if we analyze them one by one when we make them, the lyrics, why we do it, why we write what we write. I write the lyrics most of the time but if I let any member collaborate with their ideas and develop the lyrics together, or even if they already have their own developed idea, we do teamwork.

What are the tips you give to emerging national bands?

I am not someone to give a tip, but have a lot of communication, say what you think and feel in the moment, do not keep it to yourself, in that same moment speak it, keep it is to make a time bomb that explodes and it is not worth leaving dreams therefore.

Communication is very important, they say it is like having many girlfriends haha, talking to everyone beautifully and having very good communication, as long as things are said as they are, it can be achieved.

Among all the brutality of the elements that make up the songs, the bass stands out a lot, who are the bassists that have influenced your style?

Of the Mexican bassists was Queso de Resorte, both Queso and Juan, but I feel that much more Queso. Internationals I have several from the bassist of Rage Against the Machine and bands of the style that do not let their instrument be left behind, it is not a simple accompaniment, like Cliff Burton, that he raffled off to do the solos, the effects with the bass, that's something that inspired me to do what I do.