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Monolord - 'No Comfort'

Talk about Monolord, is to speak of stridency, density and power. A dark entity envelops you as you listen to the powerful, slow and noisy melodies created by the trio of Othenburg sweden, who today have released their new material called “No Comfort”, under the seal of Relapse Records.

Six gloomy tracks son los que conforman éste nuevo álbum, el cuál con sus casi 50 minutos de duración, nos atrapa y se adentra lentamente en nuestras entrañas, bajo un extraño sentimiento de querer que eso no acabe, y es una dosis del mejor “sound narcotic” que todo fanático del stoner / doom could ask.

It all starts with “The Bastard Son”, the same that was also released as the first single when the news of the “No Comfort”, and works as a good introduction and preparation for everything that comes next.

“The Last Leaf” It was the second single released prior to the release of the material, and featured an official video, a great job that takes us directly to explore feelings of loneliness and destruction, one of the album's favorite tracks (personally). It is known that this topic was written in the days when they composed their previous material, but they considered that it did not fit at that time, and perhaps waiting was the best decision.

Next comes “Larvae”, a theme that slightly lowers the intensity that until now reigned, but that is a real and pleasant surprise within the album, stands out very easily, it is one of those types of songs that without its presence, the material would not be the same, since it has own life and in turn gives more meaning to the whole work.


Mantiene el tema de la muerte, de los tormentos o conflictos personales, del engaño, la pérdida de fe y de la llegada a la conclusión, en la que todo parará cuando llegue el final de la vida: “Tired of truth in disguise, It’s all gone when you die…

“Skywards” it appears later and again the music increases its intensity and as its name says, it tries to lift us to heaven, while speaking to us of our own freedom, of flowing and putting aside the feelings or concerns that hold us back or keep us worried.

“Alone Together” It is the shortest and most serene track of the “No Comfort”, and it is the one that prepares us for the end, perhaps in the same way that the lyrics tell us “Caminando muy despacio, moriremos”

We have reached the end, accompanied by “No Comfort”, which gives its name to the album and which is the longest track within it.

We are full of terror, sorrow and darkness, the slow melody and its lyrics leads us to think about all these feelings and what will happen when the day of our death arrives.

A perfect closure for a great material, which maintains its essence and shows us a Monolord that has evolved in a masterful way, that again has us stunned by his musical work.

No Comfort, the band's fourth material, is a real gem, to say the least, and shows us that Monolord no hace discos sólo por hacerlos, sino que se toman muy en serio su labor de hacernos explotar la cabeza y viajarnos por ese mundo “mágico” y oscuro que generan sus riffs, y es una excelente continuación de su anterior placa “Rust”, which was also a magnificent material, and deserved to have a successor of the same caliber.