IDLES – ‘Tangk’

Release Date
febrero 16, 2024
Partisan Records

The new album by IDLES, titled 'Tangk' will arrive complete and worldwide on February 16, 2024, and from its announcement to date, there have been 3 tracks that have already been heard by the public, and fortunately for us, we listened to this new album from beginning to end, and there are various interesting things to highlight and talk about.

After the delivery of 'Crawler', their most recent material released in 2001, 2024 turned out to be the year to present its successor, material that joins the row of those fantastic and powerful materials released by the band, which gave them They have earned this great and rapid recognition at a global level, thanks to their quality, strength and energy.

'Tangk' is the band's fifth full-length material, and from the first seconds of playing, it has something that makes it noticeable and that at the same time permeates in the guts, having a rather “relaxed” entrance, so to speak, with the first track titled 'Idea 01', adorned largely with a melodic piano figure.

'Gift Horse' comes in second place, a song released weeks ago accompanied by an official video. A melody that starts with dense and simple bass lines, with that particular rhythm that perhaps resembles some songs included in previous works.

IDLES TANGK Risograph press shot 5

The next track 'Pop Pop Pop', at times seems to continue with the cadence of its predecessor, but is maintained by only the same linear base, at least until approaching its almost final part, in which a few pinches of distortion begin to complete that atmosphere, along with some piano notes that sound somewhat lonely but in unison with those incidental sounds of the guitar.

The journey through various emotions and complex and personal situations is addressed throughout the album. 'A Gospel' envelops us in an atmosphere that makes us move through or rather, makes us question the present sensations before 'goodbye', which may be the main and most powerful reason why a person can feel completely vulnerable when experiencing these sayings. events.

Perhaps without respecting the exact order of the songs, the sonic presence of other pieces like 'Roy', 'Hall & Oates', Jungle', and practically the rest, all together, functioning as a single element, manage to focus us on that introspection , sparked by the lyrical work of Joe Talbot, and the wonderful sound that comes from the entire band. Everything is an emotional set.

One more of the previous deliveries was 'Dancer', another track that maintains those fierce bass and notorious guitar riffs, being one of the most energetic songs on 'Tangk' that lives up to its name and invites you to start 'the dance' and keep the joy.

'Grace' is one of those songs that highlights the essence of this work, the central theme of the album: Love. “Love is the fing”.

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IDLES is a band that can always be defined as uncontrollable energy, rage and madness, those of us who have been able to witness some of their live shows can largely confirm it, and by paying attention to 'TANGK', we could say that this is their most relaxed album so far, and perhaps it is, but that madness and that characteristic seal of the Bristol natives can be presented in multiple ways.

On this occasion, rather than calling it “taking a risk”, Idles is planted in the already defined idea of continuing with musical creation, with expressing ideas and feelings in the ways available to them. If you're married to that punchy sound and the total craziness you may have grown accustomed to, 'Tangk' may not be your favorite, at least not on the first complete listen.

In the end, it is a very enjoyable album in every sense, in which the musical evolution, of thoughts or sensations on the part of the band, is manifested in this their fifth album, and in its own description, these lines leave us :

'Tangk' is an album of love, open to anyone who needs something to shout out loud to fend off any encroaching sense of emptiness, now or forever.

IDLES – ‘Tangk’
'Tangk' is an album of love, open to anyone who needs something to shout out loud to fend off any encroaching sense of emptiness, now or forever.