Ex-singer of The Lostprophets Ian Watkins was hiding a cell phone in the anus!

Ian Watkins, ex-singer of the Welsh band The Lostprophets and sentenced to 35 years in prison On charges of pedophilia, he has been accused of hiding a cell phone during his stay in a high-security prison. This would not have great relevance if it were not because the ex-musician had it hidden no more and no less than in the anus. Ouch.

Según un guardia de seguridad, el recluso usaba el celular para comunicarse con una mujer con la que tuvo una relación romantica previa a su encarcelamiento. El celular, de marca GSTART, es – según su propia publicidad, el más pequeño del planeta. Bueno, al menos.

Until now, Ian has pleaded not guilty to possessing the phone while in prison and alleges that he was forced by cellmates who allegedly threatened to stab him.

Ian Watkins He was arrested on December 19, 2012, accused of 13 crimes related to pedophilia, along with two women who have not been identified to protect "the identity of their children." At first, he strictly denied all the accusations, a situation that changed time later.

Described in court as a "committed and determined pedophile", Watkins admitted to attempted rape of a child, seven crimes for possessing indecent images of infants, conspiracy, possessing violent images of sex with animals, as well as 3 additional crimes related to pedophilia.

According to the prosecution, the singer was "quite delighted" with his crimes and showed "an almost complete absence of repentance"

"I don't know why everyone is so shocked by this," said Wilkins.