Filter debuts video, 'Thoughts & Prayers'

American industrialists Filter released the official video for their most recent single, 'Thoughts & Prayers' which has the collaboration of the ex-collaborator of the band, Brian Liesegang.

"The United States is out of control. He has never been so ill, counting unemployment and so divided. I love my country so much that I am willing to say goodbye to some fans who may not like my message.

'Thoughts & Prayers' has become a meaningless catchphrase that is used whenever something bad happens. Usually a mass murder, etc. It is an empty gesture. It is time for more than just thoughts and prayers. It's time to wake up from this shit and we should start listening to each other. " said the vocalist and frontman of the band, Richard Patrick.

'Murica'The band's eighth album will be available sometime later this year.