killswitch engage 2019

Killswitch Engage's new album is almost finished

The singer ofKillswitch Engage, Jesse Leach, has confirmed through his social networks that the band's new album is in its final stages of recording. For now, there are no more details about the new material.

“The light at the end of this long and challenging path is approaching. Right now, I’m resting my voice during the final phases of recording the new Killswitch Engage album,” he says. “It's so close I can taste it. Today's sessions were epic. This album has been a great challenge for me and now that it is almost finished I can assure you that I would not change a thing about it. All those rehearsals, difficulties and deep anxiety were worth it to see that the album is coming out as it should.”

Killswitch Engage's most recent album, 'Atonement' was released in 2019.