Slipknot sued for “using Joey Jordison's death” to promote themselves

The company that manages the assets of the late drummer Joey Jordison has launched a legal battle against Slipknot, ensuring that they not only profit from the objects that once belonged to Jordison, but They took advantage of his death to promote themselves.

The lawsuit filed by Steamroller, LLC last June directly names Corey Taylor and Shawn Crahan accusing them of not returning an approximate 22 items, which would be on display in the band's museum, which is exhibited in editions of Knotfest.

A portion of the complaint says, “”After abruptly ousting Joey Jordison from Slipknot in 2013, Taylor and Crahan expressly promised in a written agreement to return all of Jordison's belongings in exchange for Jordison's promise to release certain claims against them. The agreement included a non-exclusive list of belongings they promised to return; However, they did not fulfill their promise and hid the fact that they possessed Jordison's items that they never returned.”

Additionally, the lawsuit accuses Taylor and Crahan of using the death of Joey Jordison to promote their most recent studio album, em> 'The End, So Far' from 2022.

“While family, friends and fans mourned the loss of the legendary drummer, none of the bandmates expressed their condolences to Jordison's family after his passing. Taylor and Crahan cruelly used Jordison's death as marketing for his new album. Taylor publicly dedicated 'The End, So Far' to Jordison, stating that Jordison's death was a profound influence on them during the making of the album.

The band's legal team has already responded to the lawsuit and demanded it be dismissed in court.