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Crownshift releases single, 'A World Beyond Reach'

One of Finland's most striking emerging bands, Crownshift announced the release date and details of their long-awaited debut album that will be released on May 10 via Nuclear Blast Records. strong>.

'A World Beyond Reach'is a perfect example of what Crownshift's debut album offers, eight contemporary Melodic Death Metal anthems with a progressive cut and captivating choruses. The band members are or have been involved in some of the most globally loved bands on the Finnish scene, including Nightwish, Children of Bodom and Mygrain , and it shows. In their first album, Crownshift manages to combine their collective experiences and make a masterpiece of modern Metal, with excellent composition and production.

Crownshift – Tracklist:

01. Stellar Halo 
02. Rule The Show    
03. A World Beyond Reach 
04. If You Dare
05. My Prison
06. The Devil’s Drug
07. Mirage
08. To The Other Side

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