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Corona Capital 2019: they report hundreds of thefts, overcrowding, failures and lack of organization

After the two days of the festival Capital Crown 2019 Hundreds of people have complained through social networks accusing the once impeccable Ocesa organization of serious flaws in planning and running the festival.

The most recurring problem within the festival led by bands like The strokes, Keane or Billie Ellish It is undoubtedly the theft of wallets and cell phones within the venue, something that has already become an insane custom within festivals at least in Mexico City and especially in the Foro Sol where events such as the aforementioned Capital, Vive Latino, EDC or Domination have delighted crime. It only takes entering any social network to find a large number of complaints due to this.

In fact, it has been detected that for several years now, a criminal cell has been operating inside the place that Ocesa has been unable or unwilling to control. It is normal to hear those attending these festivals complain of having been victims of this type of crime or read the headlines of people detained with dozens of phones in their possession in the vicinity of this place.

Unfortunately, these problems were not the only ones that arose within Capital Crown 2019. In addition, from the robberies, the attendees had to endure failures in the cashless system and endless lines to be able to recharge their bracelets, perhaps due to the evident overcrowding that we could find in the headquarters and that was noticed by more than one person.

The festival's exits were chaotic and slow, far exceeding the previous editions of the Capital, in addition to being impossible to order an Uber or having to endure hours to get out of the parking lot due to lack of organization.

Let's hope that future editions of the festival can correct these flaws and that Ocesa uses its experience in holding massive events to make these a pleasant experience and not the official day of the theft of the phone in Mexico City.