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Meet the new line of portable speakers from Marshall Headphones

We well know that Marshall He is the music specialist, and more if we talk about rock. And to offer the best experience to all music lovers in Mexico, they have just launched their new line of portable speakers who will be your companions on every trip you undertake.

Thanks to the brand's sixty years of experience, these speakers provide a unique audition for musicians and fans. Every speaker in the portable range of Marshall Headphones provides the user with more than 20 hours of sound and a sound range of 10 meters, of course, with the powerful experience of listening to your music 360 ° thanks to technology Blumlein Stereo, which with this multidirectional sound offers precision in each riff you hear, in addition to having the technology multi-hostPerfect for you and another companion to take turns playing the music that will be playing on your trip.

Another attraction that we can not leave behind with this brand, is its incredible design that includes a microphone, a metal grill and a transport strap inspired by the Tahalí guitars, and of course, the iconic and elegant logo of Marshall.

We introduce you to Stockwell II, Kilburn II and Tufton!

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Stockwell II

$6,899 - price in Mexican pesos

This model is the most compact but no less powerful, offers powerful and clear multidirectional sound that has Bluetooth 5.0, Stockwell II is perfect for trips thanks to its silicone outer material, in addition to being waterproof thanks to the IPX4 certification.

You can also charge your portable device abroad, and if you go out in a hurry with your Stockwell II, it has fast charge so that it is ready on your trip or event, with only 20 minutes of charge you already have 6 hours available to enjoy your music .

It consists of a 10-watt amplifier for the woofer and two five-watt amplifiers for the tweeters.  

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Kilburn II

$7,499 - price in Mexican pesos

With its more robust design it offers a unique experience for any of your trips, it has IPX2 certification that makes it waterproof, in addition to its design that makes it resistant for any type of trip and humid climates.

With twenty minutes of fast charge you get three hours of portable operation, in its specifications, it has a 20-watt amplifier for the woofer and two eight-watts for the tweeters.

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$10,999 - price in Mexican pesos

If portability and extreme power are your thing, Tufton is the best option for your trips, events and simply having an exquisite musical experience.

Regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors, you can enjoy the multidirectional sound of this model giving you the best experience and details in every sound it emits. This model has Bluetooth 5.0 and Blumlein Stereo Sound that allows these facilities that will give you a complete experience.

With twenty minutes of charging you get four hours of wireless operation. Also with its 40 watt amplifier for the woofer, two 15 watt amplifiers for mid sounds and a 10 watt tweeter, you can have an event with an impressive sound.

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Now that you know which is your best option to put noise and rock in your environment, we can tell you that these new speakers are already available in Mexico and for now you can get them exclusively through Best Buy and Amazon. Do you already know which one you want?