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Zeal & Ardor to release new album, 'Grief'

Inventive and iconoclastic, Zeal & Ardor isn't just a band, it's a living, breathing entity. Like any other being, it feels, consumes, evolves and transforms from one season to the next. Its form may change although its spirit remains the same. Founded and directed by Manuel Gagneux, over the years it has done nothing but sharpen its claws, lengthen its teeth and harden its nerves, becoming more undeniable and unpredictable in the process.

Achieving tens of millions of streams and widespread critical acclaim, this beast proves to be as dynamic and dangerous as ever on its self-produced fourth full-length album, 'Grief', scheduled for release on August 23, 2024.

The title, 'Grief', is inspired by an annual tradition in Manuel's hometown of Basel. Swiss. A mythical hybrid creature parades through the streets for children in symbolism of the Basel workers opposing the oppressive elite on the other side. Given the animal's amalgamation of energies and physicality, the name was appropriate.

“The ‘Grief’ is a lion, a snake and a bird,” he points out. “During the parade, he turns his back on the aristocrats and sticks it to the man. It reflects where we are”

At the beginning of this new work, the evocative group has chosen to show the end of the album first, sharing its sad and poetic closing song, “my way.” A loose blues guitar snakes around of loud applause while Manuel's voice echoes in the choir. “He has another level of emotion and it turned out just as I imagined,” he says.

“We've really evolved into a tight-knit band,” adds Marc. “Before Zeal & Ardor, we were basically strangers, but now we're like a little family. Each member brings their own unique flavor to the mix and we all try to improve Manuel's songs in our own way. The most interesting part for me was the new approach to how we work together in the studio.”

After moving to Marc's studio, Hutch Sounds, in Switzerland, the album came to life in just five months. The leader enthusiastically took advantage of the talent of his peers, introducing three voices for the first time and emboldening the sound from all angles.

“I wanted to expand what we had and introduce new colors,” continues Manuel. “There are moments of anger and argument, but there is also some comfort and happiness. I am expanding the color palette we have to paint. These are avenues that we have not tried.”

‘Grief’ – Tracklist:

  • the Bird, the Lion, and the Wildkin
  • Fend You Off
  • Kilonova
  • are you the only one now?
  • Go home my friend
  • Clawing out
  • Disease
  • 369
  • Thrill
  • une ville vide
  • Sugarcoat
  • Solace
  • Hide in Shade
  • to my ilk

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