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Yoshiki performs the United States anthem at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles

Japanese musician and composer Yoshiki received a standing ovation for his piano performance of the United States National Anthem at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on April 16 as part of “Hello Kitty Night.” In addition, the musician also performed his band X-Japan's hit, 'Endless Rain'.

“It was an honor to speak with Ohtani and Yamamoto, who also live in Los Angeles. I received uniforms signed by both of them. Additionally, I was surprised to receive a uniform with my own name on it from the Dodgers. After meeting athletes Ohtani and Yamamoto, I feel grateful and inspired to conquer the world. I'm happy that besides Hello Kitty, Yoshikitty also came to Dodger Stadium. As soon as I heard the loud applause after my performance, I was glad that I had done the best I could, including improvising. “It was worth it to return to Los Angeles despite everyone's extremely demanding schedule.”

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Earlier this year, Yoshiki was chosen to create the overarching theme song for Hello Kitty's 50th anniversary celebration.

The character yoshikitty, inspired by Yoshiki himself, has been selected to compete in Sanrio's global character ranking for the tenth consecutive year with Hello Kitty and other popular characters. Yoshikitty is the first Sanrio character modeled after a real person. You can vote, here.