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Watch Korpiklaani's new video, 'Aita'

Finnish Folk Metal superstars, Korpiklaani, are happy to release 'Aita', the second single from their new studio album, 'Rankarumpu'. /em>', which will go on sale next April 5.

Composer Olli Vänskä comments: “‘Aita’ was originally composed as an instrumental, or at least that was the intention. I sent a demo of the track to Jonne and when I asked him how he found it a week later, he told me “NO!” and he gave me the lyrics that he wrote. And the truth is, the lyrics were very good! I'm very pleased with the violin riff and how the folk interlude comes through as well. There are many interesting things in this song!"

Frontman Jonne Järvelä adds: “I got a demo of a very cool song by Olli to which I added a guitar riff. Suddenly, a topic began to come together in my head that I turned into a song, to which adding lyrics was quite easy. In the lyrics, the protagonist meets an elderly relative who has traveled for a long time and is returning to his town. The man asks his friend all kinds of questions about what he has seen around the world, but the traveler only answers vaguely, giving wise lessons. ”

Korpiklaani has massive touring plans throughout 2024, starting with an extensive tour alongside Alestorm and Heidevolk in February and March across the UK. Then, the band will have two shows to launch “Rankarumpu” in Mexico, on April 5 and 6, and then continue with a North American tour with Visions Of Atlantis and Illumishade (with members of Eluveitie) in April and May. Afterwards, the group will be present at several summer festivals in Europe, to end the year with a tour of the Old Continent. Below, we leave all the dates confirmed so far.

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