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Unleash the Archers announce concept album, 'Phantoma'

One of Canada's most interesting metal bands, Unleash the Archers, announced the release of their sixth studio album, a conceptual work inspired by Artificial Intelligence that will be called Phantoma and will be released on May 10, 2024 through Napalm Records. The first single 'Green & Glass' is now available.

“We struggled for a while to decide which song would lead the way for this album, and in the end we chose ‘Green & Glass’ because it's the song that inspired the cover, but also because it doesn't reveal too much about the concept behind the album. We wanted nothing more than to be able to create a completely cinematic telling of the story through our music videos and we were very excited when the guys at RuneGate Studio expressed interest in learning how to use Stable Diffusion to make our dreams come true. “They trained the model in the work of Bo Bradshaw, which gives him a wonderfully unique animation style,” the band says of the track.

Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen, and with lead guitarist Andrew Kingsley at the helm as primary songwriter and producer, Phantoma is an exciting step forward in the mastery of songwriting and recording. narration of Unleash The Archers, and a great step forward in his musical career.

Phantoma - Tracklist:

1. Human Era
2. Ph4/NT0mA
3. Buried In Code
4. The Collective
5. Green & Glass
6. Gods In Decay
7. Give It Up Or Give It All
8. Ghosts In The Mist
9. Seeking Vengeance
10. Blood Empress

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