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Ulcerate releases video, 'To Flow Through Ashen Hearts'

Ulcerate has released the official video for the single 'To Flow Through Ashen Hearts', the second promotional track from the New Zealanders' new album, 'Cutting the Throat of God' which will be available from June 14 via Debemur Morti Productions.

The video is the work of Dehn Sora and you can watch it below.

Cutting the Throat of God was recorded in the fall of 2023, under the watchful eye of drummer Jamie Saint Merat, who also oversaw production and provided artistic direction for the album. Renowned mastering engineer Magnus Lindberg (known for his work with Cult of Luna, Russian Circles and Tribulation) put the finishing touches on the release. Cutting the Throat of God explores a cohesive lyrical theme centered on the breakdown of morality, the delicate boundary between depravity and extremity, and the irreversible descent into darkness.

Cutting the Throat of God - Tracklist:

1.    To Flow Through Ashen Hearts
2.    The Dawn is Hollow
3.    Further Opening the Wounds
4.    Transfiguration In and Out of Worlds
5.    To See Death Just Once
6.    Undying as an Apparition
7.    Cutting the Throat of God

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