Therion – ‘Leviathan III’

Release Date
diciembre 15, 2023
Napalm records
Christofer Johnsson

Almost three years after it began, the Leviathan trilogy by the Swedes Therion comes to an end with the release of 'Leviathan III', a powerful album full of intricate and complex musical landscapes, worthy of one of the most influential bands on the planet within the scene and with more than three decades of existence under its belt.

The conclusion of the trilogy does not disappoint, of course. Although from the first 'Leviathan I' and its successor, 'Leviathan II' the band had already shown a great diversity of ideas and versatility, mixed with great power,'Leviathan III' doesn't decline one bit.

From the first minute, the album introduces you to a musical cinematic universe that is as epic as it is transcendent. 'Ayahuasca', 'Maleficium' and the opening song, 'Ninikigal' are examples of this, with great choruses mixed with huge orchestral parts.

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In general, the entire album is consistent and strong, well unified and does not have great moments of trying things that fans might not like, as happened with the great Beloved Antichrist, which divided the band's fandom at its launch. Here, it is the pure Therion that everyone loves and adores.

If you want something a little more unusual on the album, 'Duende' is your thing, a mix of traditional Spanish flamenco with powerful, heavy riffs.

Without a doubt, Therion gives a great closure to this gigantic trilogy with a flourish. 'Leviathan III' definitely delivers in giving a follow-up and conclusion to this project, which although it is not the favorite of its fans, it is a great addition to its already rich career.

Therion – ‘Leviathan III’
Leviathan III' definitely delivers in giving a follow-up and conclusion to this project, which, although it may not be his fans' favorite, is a great addition to his already extensive career.