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The 69 Eyes announce single, 'Fade to Grey' feat. Diane Warren

The Vampires of Helsinki, The 69 Eyes announced the release of a new single called 'Fade to Grey', which features the collaboration of the Oscar nominee, Diane Warren. The song will be available starting March 22 via Reigning Phoenix Music. You can pre-save it, here.

“Last year I walked into a store and saw someone so cool who personified rock ‘n’ roll. That was Jyrki, the incredible singer of The 69 Eyes. Now here we are with my song with them, 'Fade To Grey'. about to be launched. I’m so excited for everyone to hear it!’ Warren says.

“This was exactly like one of those Hollywood dreams: I was on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills when a lady suddenly asked me who I was. She confused me and that's it. Later, I realized that the lady was Diane Warren, the best songwriter in the world and author of my favorite Cult song, 'Painted On My Heart'. That was my chance to start a musical collaboration with her but I missed my once in a lifetime opportunity with her! A year passed and her successes followed me everywhere, then I was watching the Oscar presentation and she was there. ! I decided to contact her and here is the result: an epic ballad called ‘Fade To Grey’ that this world and The 69 Eyes needed! ”says Jyrki.

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