Six must-see bands from Hell and Heaven 2020!

We are about to experience the tenth anniversary edition of one of the most important festivals in Latin America: Hell And Heaven. And with an almost complete lineup, we dare to recommend the six must-see bands for this festival.


The band led by the Danish musician Kim Bendix Peterse, who also leads his alternative project Mercyful Fate, has managed to obtain one of the most important roles in the industry, which with his career as King diamond since 1979, it has taken elements from the heavy metal, achieving a character - blacker in appearance - and unique sounds that have made it essential in the metalheads' playlist.


Formed in 1979 in New York, Manowar, founded by the bassist Joey DeMaio, has managed to position itself as one of the gangs of heavy metal most important so far.

The band will perform for the first time in our country and that is something, which at least for general culture, you should not miss.


Happy are we to have the opportunity to see this legend again! Obviously we all know even the classics of Deep purple, whether in a movie or even in some kind of music, all human beings have knowledge of its existence.

This band is a classic and you have to see it at least once in your life, since they continue to give a show and an impressive delivery on stage despite the years of the members.

Recall that the band was formed in Hertfort, UK in 1968.

You will not regret seeing Ian Gillan and company in action!


The Germans will visit our city for the first time, and bring a UNIQUE concept and quality in their genres - of which the heavy and power metal- They have been part of great festivals thanks to their sound and witty videos —and lyrics—, in addition to having an excellent performance, historical overtones and unique characterization of the members

Formed in 2003 by the brothers Charles and Matthew Greywolf , we highly recommend the show that they will present in Hell And Heaven 2020 along with his charismatic frontman Attila Dorn.


The Ukrainian gang led by Tatiana Shmaylyuk, formed in 2009, has managed to have a fairly strong name in the media in recent years, since with its merger of metalcore, progressive, djent and more, they have captivated the public by growing their fanbase in impressive ways.

It should be noted that at this time, girl power in metal is at its best, and the gutturals of Tati They make clear all the talent and potential that we are sure will continue to transcend.

Also, the guys recently released their album 'Macro', continuation of his EP 'Micro', And if you have not heard them, we recommend doing it NOW.

Beauty and metal are not at all fighting, let yourself be caught by the voice of Tatiana in this edition of Hell And Heaven.


And how not to please the trves, and even if you are not, Paradise lost is an UNMISSABLE niche band for this edition of the festival.

Formed in 1988 in Halifax, UK, they call themselves 'the fathers of gothic metal', are considered creators of the subgenre 'death / doom'.

You will not regret all the power of Nick holmes on the stage!

Tickets for Hell and Heaven 2020 are now available and can be purchased online: http://bit.ly/HellNHeavenHH1