Powerwolf has finished recording their new studio album

Finally, the Germans Powerwolf announced that the recordings of their long-awaited new studio album have finished and they expect a release at the end of 2024. No further details are known for now.

“Recordings for our new album are officially finished! Get ready for an absolutely beastly album coming later this year! Next up: mixing and mastering! Stay tuned, because this one will be legendary!” says the band.

Powerwolf's most recent album, 'Call Of The Wild' was released in 2021.

Powerwolf announced its long-awaited return to North American lands during the second half of 2024 and has confirmed the dates of its tour for the United States and Canada in the months of August and September.

“Last year, our debut in the United States and Canada left us spellbound, facing sold-out venues and incredible crowds. The energy was unreal and we didn't want to miss it again. It's going to be pure madness! This tour marks the official live debut of songs from our upcoming album. Do not miss it!"

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