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Nürnberg will arrive in Mexico as part of its tour of Latin America

Finally, the Belarusian duo, Nürnberg, embarks on an unprecedented journey to Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica, bringing with them their new album: 'Adkaz'. This long-awaited tour marks the first time that the legendary Belarusian duo performs on Latin American soil, promising an unforgettable experience for fans of the post-punk and new wave scene.

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Forging new paths on the music scene, Nürnberg have gained global recognition as one of the most promising acts on the dark scene. Their distinctive sound and Belarusian-language lyrics have conquered global audiences, and now, with 'Adkaz', Latin American fans will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the magic of Nürnberg live. The fusion of retro-futuristic sounds and vibrant energy guarantees that this Nürnberg tour will leave an indelible mark on every city that has the opportunity to host them.

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