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Maynard James Keenan, Tool en Toronto • Nov 21, 2024 • Jorge Figueroa Tapia

“We can't take this long again,” says Maynard James Keenan about new Tool album

Tool's most recent album, 'Fear Inoculum' was released in 2019 and took 13 years to make. However, according to singer Maynard James Keenan, the band can't take that long again, since all its members are already old enough.

“Tool is a more complicated beast with a lot of egos and a lot of other things going on in our lives. But all the creativity is there, the songs and ideas can flow and the plots dream. As soon as we get over the arguments, we can do things [Laughs] I think we could do it more efficiently. And I think we all agree that we have to get through this, because we can't drag this out another 14 years,” she said in a recent interview with Metal Hammer.

Also the band's drummer, Danny Carey commented: “Most people who ask you about it say, 'When are you releasing your next album?' and when you finish it, they say, 'Ol, when is the next one?' 'You can't make people happy. We have this very selfish approach to art. They are our rules. When you start trying to make people happy, you're losing yourself. You’re losing that burning inside of you of why you do what you do.”

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A few weeks ago, bassist Justin Chancellor during an appearance on the podcast 'The Vinyl Guide' also announced that the band was planning a new album.

“We have a lot of ideas brewing. We haven't recorded anything yet, of course. But we're pretty busy until at least spring next year with our tour. So once that's done, we'll go back to the studio and get to work, to put together some of those ideas. We've already had some pretty decent writing sessions. So now we have the ingredients in place. We just have to do it well and put in that time when the tour is over.”He confirmed.

On whether they have recorded music from their previous sessions, he said “Yeah, tons [of material] from the last album. We have tons of ideas, but not recorded to the standard we would put on an album. There are just a lot of demos. And a ton of ideas saved.”