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Nightwish renews contract with Nuclear Blast Records

The Finnish Nightwish have renewed their contract with the Nuclear Blast Records label, a deal that covers several albums so the band's continuity after the release of their next album is assured.

“20 years ago, our journey together with Nuclear Blast began, and now the time has come to renew our vows. I'm extremely excited to see what kind of magic we can create together this time!says Tuomas Holopainen.

“It is an honor to renew this partnership to continue writing the history of music. We are beyond proud to continue the collaboration with this exceptionally talented group of musicians and their management team. Thank you for your friendship and trust, Floor, Tuomas, Emppu, Troy, Kai and Jukkis. Looking forward to celebrating your next album and everything that comes after! Kiitos!, says Marcus Hammer.