The kings of slam not to be missed at Force Fest 2018!

Without a doubt one of the biggest emotions for metalheads It is time to enter the slam. That extreme dance that takes place when the moshpit it opens and it's time to spin and throw the body, throw punches and jump colliding with other fans. When people open up as the bible tells us Moses opened the sea to face each other and collide at the start of the song in the call wall of death. 

Force Fest in its 2018 edition it has great exponents to put together the also called pogo And although we know we left out many bands with brutal themes, we focus on what we consider the 10 must-haves for bruise collectors.


10. Garrobo – ‘Sacude el Cráneo’

Take a breath of neighborhood, and free yourself from prejudice by going to enjoy one of the most deeply rooted real and raw punk bands in our country. The natives of the State of Mexico are an institution within the national urban imaginary, and this song together with “Caballos” they are the high point of your presentation. We challenge you to listen “Sacude el Cráneo” right now, and that its sticky and crazy tune does not stick to you with that letter that literally invites you to move the bush.


9. NOFX- ‘Murder Your Goverment’

Without leaving punk but now in its Californian style, we have NOFX with his casual and fun proposal. Fat Mike and company if they know how to talk to people and incite them to the party and degenerate with powerful songs that speak of excesses and sex, as well as political issues. In this last item “Murder Your Goverment” Released in 1997, it has remained in effect for more than two decades on the set of Californians due to its speed and tremendous vertigo on guitars, making it one of the punks' favorites to go crazy.


8. System Of a Down – ‘Prision Song’

We know that one or the other trve will put the cry in the sky when you see that SOAD está en este conteo y algunas bandas de las llamadas “malotas” no. Pero quienes han ido a alguna de sus dos anteriores presentaciones en el palacio de los deportes o en el extranjero saben que Serj and company are able to put together slams nourished and full of adrenaline with various songs. “Bounce”, “Cigaro” and of course “Toxicity” or the end of “Sugar” they are some of them but the palms take them away “Prision Song”. Live that guitar input as a truncheon that suddenly becomes silent, prepares you little by little and slowly for the massacre, so that when the song explodes you launch yourself as a missile at moshpit to kill or die.


7.- Sacred Reich – ‘Surf Nicaragua’

He thrash It cannot be missed in this count and the initial dose is set by those from Arizona with what is undoubtedly their most famous song. An entrance with bay sounds precedes a piece of fast metal with strong and powerful vowels that then ends in a virtuous instrumental sonar; which culminates in a new rain of thrash of the old school. Sacred Reich has come and gone but the legacy of “Surf Nicaragua” remains intact as a law success within any thrasher playlist.


6.- Anthrax – ‘Caught in a Mosh’

How can a song with such a title not be on this top? Anthrax It is a band with all the career in the world and when it leaves behind its hardcore influences and jumps into thrash rhythms, it gives us jewels like “Antisocial”, “N.F.L.” and the song that concerns us right now. Inside which is considered one of the masterpieces of the band (The album “Among the Living”) comes this topic with that hoarse but aggressive voice of Joey Belladonna, that each of the times that Anthrax has played in our country always puts the mosh even the most indecisive.


5.- Vital Remains – ‘Dechristianize’

In addition to punk and party, another way that the slam looking to peek is through heresy in the voice of the damned. With Vital Remains we find ourselves butted with a band of death metal beastly and heavy that has in its setlist a large number of songs to choose from to break your nose. For this section we choose “Dechristianize”not only for its sound that is like a merciless pounding of bones or for the fact that it is usually the one of the closing of its presentations, but because there is nothing more diabolical than to distribute blows while you sing a song that talks about how the demons will get a day to the Elysée to kick butts and rape how many souls cross in front of them.


4. Pestilence – ‘Land Of Tears’

The Dutch of Pestilence they are a band of death metal Very experimental and they have never been afraid to merge different musical styles at their base rhythm. That is why during its setlist we can easily find tints of jazz and progressive rock in different songs. However when Patrick Mameli He intends to find a tube with aggressive themes, there is no one to stop him. In that tenor, Land of tears it falls to you suddenly like a railway at full speed that you don't see coming until suddenly you already have your body between the tires and the rails due to the mercilessness of the impact. A song that must be said enters and leaves its sets so we hope we are lucky to enjoy it at this festival.


3. Carcass – ‘Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System’

When you talk about Carcass things get easier because almost any of his songs could enter this count. But on the other hand that makes it more difficult since choosing the most bone-breaking one becomes a real dilemma. So without breaking the brain we take “Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System” from his album “Surgical Steel”. It has the perfect balance between death metaly grindcore which is generator of several of the moshpits largest on the scene; with dirty, crooked and perverse handwriting in pure British style. If you want to know the true meaning of “wargasm” that is mentioned in the lyrics, don't miss them.


2. Exodus – ‘Strike of the Beast’

The song that viralized the phenomenon wall of death for that video recorded in the Wacken from 2008 where you can see a wall of death of titanic proportions. It does not matter if you are an advocate of the vocal style of any of its three historical singers, with “Strike Of The Beast” There's no way you can't feel an electrifying tingling when you're standing with a huge open space in front of your eyes, while in the background a horde of metalheads with bloodshot and dilated eyes is ready to rush towards you to impact you with all her strength. You know it's time to shield yourself and take the first hit to be your hunter and not your prey.


1. Slayer – ‘Raining Blood’

These standing and red lights illuminate the stage completely. A flash of lightning sounds from above as if God wanted to punish you for all your sins, and a desolate and continuous riff accompanied by light stumbles gradually announces the agony. You are facing a moshpit gigantic that has opened and then a second ray takes you out of hypnosis and the guitars enter in a murderous way activating your aggressive mode. And finally “Raining Blood” it explodes like a machine gun with a madness that you have to experience at least once in your life. We know that many can say that “Angel of Death”, “Chemical Warfere” or “Payback” for example they are themes that would fight from you for you to the blood rain the throne in this top, but friend Slayer retires; And if you have never experienced this topic and let it catalyze your own blood, do not hesitate: you will regret the whole damn life of letting it go!