“La polémica la crean las personas al interpretar el mensaje”: SUPPRESSOR

Direct from San José de Costa Rica, arrived Suppressor to be part of the poster for the first edition of the United Metal Fest that took place in Mexico City a few weeks ago, so we wanted to take the opportunity to talk with the Central American band and to give us their point of view on the Mexican public, his influences when composing and his new studio album, which will be available soon.


sup 2How was it at the United Fest, was it what you expected from the Mexican public?

First of all a big greeting to the Summa Inferno staff, we appreciate the space on your page. We want to congratulate them for the great work they do giving coverage to the metal culture of Mexico, the support is highly appreciated.

Well, the United Fest for us was a success, definitely a great step for us as it was our first presentation in Mexico. We had a great time despite some setbacks such as a strong cough that I had throughout the trip that limited me a little vocally and also some technical problems with an amplifier.

El público mexicano fue todo y más de lo que esperábamos, pues quizás un poco tímidos a la hora de hacer el “mosh” pero a la vez súper buena onda, hospitalarios, solidarios y receptivos con nuestra propuesta musical, nos llevamos una excelente impresión del metalero en México de vuelta a Costa Rica.

What do you think that currently there are more and more festivals for metal lovers?

Well great! The culture grows every day more, we are no longer under, the repressed by society. Metal culture has a lot to contribute, from its music to its moral ideologies. I personally am very impressed to see the great magnitude of this phenomenon in Mexico. When I was first at Hall and He Avenue 2016 I was really impressed to be a part of something so massive. Among many bands that I like, seeing Rammstein live for the first time was something incredible!

As Mexicans, I have the feeling that we connect very easily with Latino representatives. Do you feel that the reception is different in Latin American countries than in other places?

We have had the opportunity to play in Panama and Honduras, the reception has always been very warm. The Mexican is perhaps a little more uninhibited, if perhaps we meet several people with great initiative in interacting with us, chatting, taking photos, etc. We definitely felt at home, people treated us like we were one of their own.

As Latinos, maybe that's why those barriers are removed, we speak the same language and we can quickly enter into confidence, feel comfortable with each other.

Do you already have plans to perform at similar events and where, when will we see you back in Mexico?

For now the focus will be mainly on composing new material for our second album, releasing our first debut video that is already in its final stages of production and releasing a live DVD with our events in Mexico and the Legion of Doom tour in Costa Rica. .

There are some offers to return to Mexico soon, this time perhaps visiting places like Querétaro, Guanajuato, San Luis de Potosí among others. The country is huge and very beautiful, we are definitely very interested in coming back soon, it would be just fine-tuning details with a serious production company that makes it possible.

What have been your musical influences?

For my part, I have always been a big fan of Industrial, to mention some names, Rammstein is a band that I idolize, they are a great influence for me on a personal level. At the same time bands like Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, Meshuggah, Devin Townsend Project are bands that I always refer to when composing a song. I greatly admire Zakk Wylde and his work with the Black Label Society, just like Pantera's Dimebag Darrell was my biggest reasons to learn to play guitar. I also enjoy classical music such as Igor Stravinsky, Modest Mussorgsky and Claude Debussy. Among the bands, other more relevant metal bands, we really like Megadeth, Metallica, Revocation, Annihilator, Pantera, Gojira, Testament, Exodus and Death among others.


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For your next album, do you plan to explore other genres, maybe more experimentation?

In fact yes, our current line-up is quite different from what was present when we released our debut album “Misanthropist”, I am currently the only original member.

Now with Ricardo, Max and Daniel we definitely have a deeper well of influences to grab onto. The trend in our new compositions is of a more modern and eclectic style, always intertwining the different genres of metal. It will have denser tones thanks to the 7-string guitars and a dark atmosphere due to the inclusion of more industrial electronic elements. The musical basis will always be Groove / Thrash but more technical. More vocal ranges will also be included such as clean vocals and "epic" choruses. Experimentation is almost a fact that will happen!

If you had to define your musical proposal, how would you do it?

It is a little difficult since we have never believed in labels, when making or playing music we do not seek to sound like something in particular, it is just about letting creativity free and communicating through music a message that comes from deep inside, it is certainly something very personal. Some people have told us that the cut of our current music is very risky of Groove and Thrash metal, we like to think that it is simply metal, hence the basis of what we do.

Do you enjoy the fact that your themes can create controversy?

The controversy is perhaps a by-product of the meaning that someone can give to the message that it is about to communicate. Our thoughts are very open to the personal representation of each listener. It is not necessarily enjoyed the fact of creating controversy but if we enjoy the fact that our message arouses some feeling in the person who receives it, at the end of the day that is the main objective of every artist, to be listened to and to “feel” something in the the rest. That effect, if we enjoy it a lot, when someone feels identified with our music in some way. It is what makes everything make sense. Music is for enjoying, particularly metal ... we have always thought that it should not be taken so seriously hahaha.

In your future projects, do you plan to follow the same line in terms of the messages you want to transmit or will you seek to touch on other topics?

Our next production will be titled "The Age of Entitlement" and perhaps touch topics with a more social-critical message, about the abuse of power, excesses, corruption and the feeling of “deserving” something for the simple fact of existing or being part of a group or social status, of how one They have been losing the values and customs of social welfare, giving priority to "I" as the center of the universe.

The themes will be more loaded with these messages, perhaps seeking to break that bubble that sometimes isolates us from reality.