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Korpiklaani releases video, 'Oraakkelit'

Today, Finnish folk stars Korpiklaani have released the official video for 'Oraakkelit'. It is the third single from his upcoming new studio album, Rankarumpu, which is scheduled to be released on April 5, 2024.

“I had never written a shuffle-based song before and I wanted to try writing a riff like that and see how it would work in metal music. It is normally used a lot in old blues and rock'n'roll music. I was surprised at how cool it turned out and then I thought: what if all the gods from around the world had a big rock'n'roll dance party together underground? The idea made me laugh, so I decided to use it,” says Jonne.

“When I heard the first demo, I was really excited! This is something very different! I felt like there could be a cool shuffle feeling to the beat and started exploring it. There is a great atmosphere in the song. At first it lurks enigmatically but then it starts rocking! As for the drums, you can use a lot of dynamics. It will be a fun song live!”, says Samuli.

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