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KISS sells its musical catalog to Swedish investors

The legendary New York band KISS has made public the sale of its entire musical catalog to the investment firm Pophouse of Swedish origin that has been focused on the entertainment industry and is responsible for shows like ABBA Voyage and the digital avatars of KISS that will debut in 2027.

For now, the exact amount that Pophouse paid for KISS's music is not known; However, there is talk of an amount close to 300 million dollars.

“KISS is one of the most recognized and iconic bands in the history of music. They redefined the concept of rock shows and have always taken their art to new, unexplored territories. The band has always been able to attract new generations of fans and the mission is to fulfill the band's vision of becoming immortal and allowing new generations to discover and be part of the KISS journey and carry it forward. With the help of the energy of the fans, the band, our experience and creativity, we will make this vision a reality,” says Johan Lagerlöf, head of investment at Pophouse.

Gene Simmons comments: “We've always been breaking new ground in pop culture, and this partnership will ensure we continue to do so for years to come. Because what Pophouse is doing is breaking the rules. We already have several plans in development, where the avatar show is one, a biopic is another, and a KISS themed experience is a third. The future couldn't be more exciting!”