Festival Underground 9: A showcase for emerging Monterrey bands

In Monterrey, the under scene has an annual opportunity to exploit their talents, the ones you usually won't see on the stages of mass festivals.

From different places in the north of the country, bands from metalcore, punk, rock, pop rock, alternative metal, trash, death metal, among other genres will visit royal lands this Saturday, April 8, among other genres that open up a range of possibilities for all bands who do not find a place, or have not made enough contacts to fully enter the "big" events that the city offers.

Lobia, is a promoter originally from the same city who for many years has made unremitting efforts to promote the underground, independent and non-commercial scene. From the production of events with foreign bands, to weekend gigs with various local talents.

This festival, without a doubt, gives a lot to talk about for those who believe that "the scene is dead" or that in the north there is still a long way to go. Well, there is talent and plenty, the thing is to give us the opportunity to listen to them, each of them has a lot to contribute to enrich the national musical heritage.

If you are one of those who refuses to cooperate with the tributes, who are tired of seeing the same thing year after year, I invite you if you are from the north of the country, or wherever you are, give them a chance bands that are making noise independently and that with their many or few possibilities are making a space in the major leagues as is the case of the headliner of this edition While the heart becomes, which are already a benchmark for national metal, from Durango to the world, already set foot on European soil last year.

Among the bands that will be in this edition are Inferzenal and The Catrin who are currently on their Liminal Tour visiting many cities in the country. Fonte, Neural FX, The Waves, Burying the Attempt from Saltillo, The Storyteller, Delaware, The Constructor, Moonlander, among many others.

The festival has four stages distributed in different venues and bars of the Old Town, X-Stage, Rockafella, Patio Iguana and Café Iguana Metal. Access is from 1:00 pm, it is a free event and for all ages except for the stages inside the Café Iguana.


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