Photos by Alfredo Alvarado

System Failures: Punk tapatío in favor of resistance


One of the iconic bands of the national punk scene returned after a decade of absence to CDMX with many reasons to celebrate and announce. We refer to the Guadalajara System failures, who showed up at the Skull Cat celebrating their 25-year career with a special night where they reviewed their best hits, but also debuted previously unreleased songs from their future material.

The venue par excellence for living punk in the CDMX opened its doors since late afternoon-fallas3night for bands like Tigra, Hate Still Burns, Pranks, Hypnotics and Disretects They gave flag to the extreme evening. But without a doubt the first honorable mention (without demeriting those previously mentioned), was taken by the vegans of Resist And Exist: the band based in the US but with a 50% of Korean members has made the whole place crazy since it opened its presentation with Movement and "Korean Protest"; generating a true pitched battle in the slam. Jang lee in the voices she simply does not go unnoticed with her quirky Asian look, while on the other hand the dreadlocks girl who was on the ropes stole the hearts of the anarchists with her beauty, voice and attitude. All this while enjoying songs like "Discordant Symphony" and "Woman song"Among many others, so that the closing of his very successful presentation finally occurred with"Vultures"E"Identity Hatred“.

fallas4 4A modest blanket behind the scenes indicates that the star band of the night is about to make its appearance. Drowned in sweat from the infamous heat locked in the Skull Cat, finally we receive System failures, who to the rhythm of "Blood rain”They remind us that when the empire speaks, it is death that executes. However, the fans still seem to be tired by the performance of the previous band, and they need a breather so that now if in "Mercenaries of Death”Reassemble the moshpit in the center of the track. Between song and song we always find messages against governments and politics, with the singer's live voice Min; who is all energy and waste when singing songs like "We are going to life" and "War is Business“.

fallas5“These songs were intended to be one as such, but in the end it was not because it would be a very long song: Not even Sub-Humans does it so well. However, today we are going to interpret them as such. " Explain Min to the microphone and first he does the oratory with the speech of "Poem"Which gradually accelerates until it reaches the speed"Resist and Exist"; so as if that were not enough, I end up mutating into the beastly and sick "Music for the Resistance”In which no one can stop jumping and pushing with its sick stuck punk sound. And the power does not stop because then the militia of the "Animal Liberation Front" is present with "The ALF", and its reminder that this army remains active by taking radical actions towards those who attempt against animal life.

"This song is dedicated to all women who are treated as an object without the right to decide on their body" comments Min as an introduction to "Pro Choice", the topic that talks about the right of women to make the decision to abort or have their children without being persecuted or judged. This topic e "Zapatista Hymn" We can undoubtedly count them as 2 of the moments of greatest communion and dedication among fans and System failures; Both sides gave their all to make it unforgettable. The punk night keeps on going and the robes and "Mohawks" Colors continue to go from one side to the other with a lot of adrenaline on the track, but it is time for the system to finally collapse. So first debuting a recently manufactured song and then with the request of "Stop the Violence"The people of Jalisco are beginning to say goodbye to their public; however, they keep the best for last and with the expected "Let's Globalize" they put Skull Cat of head for now if to say goodbye with a flourish. System failures withdrew demonstrating that in Guadalajara, in addition to drowned cakes and mariachis, there is a movement anarcho-punk powerful; that has in them one of its most experienced exponents.

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ALF forces took the capital!
Fallas del Sistema made a brutal review of the best of his discography as well as his new songs, in a punk night proudly made in Guadalajara.