Danko Jones continues! is the new venue for the concert

Danko Jones, the current sensation of Canadian hard rock with more than 20 years of experience that has allowed him to share the stage with artists of the stature of Ozzy Osbourne strong> and Guns n´ Roses announced to the approval of their Mexican fans a visit to Mexico City to offer their live show on February 17.

For logistical reasons, the concert had to be moved from the previously announced property to a new venue which is the Foro Rabioso located at 64 Donceles Street, Colonia Centro. Tickets cost only $150 pesos and can be purchased by clicking here. If you had a ticket for the concert, you must request a refund from the promoter in charge of it and buy one for this event, since previous tickets will not be valid.

This is your opportunity to enjoy one of the bands with the greatest projection within the world heavy rock scene, who come with everything promoting their most recent album “Electric Sounds” from which they will surely play many songs without leave aside the band's great classics.

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