TAJÍN SUMMIT 2015: Santana to close


The organizers of the Cumbre Tajín Festival, which will take place in Papantla, Veracruz from March 19 to 23, have announced that the Festival will close with a flourish with the presence of the Mexican guitarist. Carlos Santana, Accompanied by El Tri, Maldita Vecindad, Javier Bátiz and Bolina Sin Parné.

After multiple attempts, both by organizers and the media, Cumbre Tajín makes the dream of many come true, to see guitarists Carlos Santana and Javier Bátiz together on the same stage; And it is that more than 50 years ago Bátiz opened a door to the world of electric guitar for Carlos Santana, and this 2015 for the first time they will share a poster making the music niche permeate with spirituality, rhythm and joy.

Carlos Santana, Javier Bátiz and Alejandro Lora are by far pillars in the history of rock; and they will be the ones who, together with Maldita Vecindad, close the Festival of Identity with blues, rock, ska and Latin rhythms.

That day there will also be Bolina Sin Parné, the winning band of Tu Banda en Cumbre Tajín, a contest that has given room to Veracruz talent and that this year, in addition to the already traditional presentation in the Music Niche, will offer the opportunity to be chosen to achieve one of two individual scholarships in Berklee College of Music from Boston, Massachusetts.

This poster will be part of the five days of programming where 7000 invited artists from Veracruz, Mexico and the world will participate, making it possible for the Identity festival to offer more than 5,000 cultural activities, including: workshops, conferences, ceremonies, dance , theater, therapies, spiritual talks, exhibitions, circus acts, concerts, children's shows and more.

The rest of the poster will be revealed next March 28 through a press conference, while names like Coldplay, A Perfect Circle, System of a Down and Paul McCartney the rumors of the internet burst.