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Get to know all the details of Asspera and its bizarre metal!

Asspera is a band originally from Argentina formed in the late 200, band heavy metal, who are called as ‘metal bizarro’ thanks to his humorous lyrics that relate anecdotes between the eschatological, the incoherent and messages of protest against Argentine society, governments and human misfortunes.

El grupo ha lanzado 8 discos de estudio y 4 DVD’s. La banda está conformada por Richar Asspero (voice), Rockardo asspero (guitar), 3.14 Jack (low) and Nicogollo Stump (battery). In addition, in their live performances they are accompanied by percussionists and backing vocals for public entertainment.


Argentines will be visiting Mexico with Tarja Turunen!, who accompanies them as another member of the band under the name of Sussana Asspera, who appears in one of his videos speaking Spanish, have you seen him?

It is one of the most original Latin American bands in the industry, do not miss the opportunity to see them together with Tarja Turunen.

Presentation dates:

-Querétaro 10/22/2019

– Monterrey 23/10/2019

– Cd. Mx 25/10/2019

– León 26/10/2019

– Guadalajara 27/10/2019