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CJ McMahon [Thy Art Is Murder]changes career, is now a real estate agent

After being expelled from Thy Art is Murder due to transphobic comments, singer CJ McMahon has decided to give his life a tour and leave music to find a new job as real estate agent.

"A fresh start. I had a hard time cutting my hair after having long hair for 15 years. Thanks to Allie Cruz, owner of the salon, for giving me my new look. I have a new path and future at Realestate's and I want to start working. I have created a new Instagram for my new career @cjmcmahon_realestate for people who would like to see my new future. I beg and plead that the handful of people who hate me and just want to throw dirt at me, don't follow that page and let me get on with my life, send your hate here all you want.”

Through a statement published on social networks, Thy Art is Murder reported that the singer CJ McMahon stopped being part of the band, after transphobic comments made by him. In addition, his collaboration was completely eliminated from the group's new album, Godlike and replaced by its new vocalist, Tyler Miller .

“Our new album, ‘Godlike’, is now available worldwide with one unforeseen change. Chris McMahon is no longer part of Thy Art is Murder and does not appear on the album. We know this will be surprising, but we want to assure you that the decision was made to maintain the integrity and direction of the band.

What emerged last month was not the reason for this, but rather a symptom of a long-standing breakdown in his character and judgment. The last straw, if you want to see it that way. We were threatened with destroying the band from within if we did not give in to various ideologies that he professes. “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression and the search for the truth, but also to receive the consequences that come with it.”