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Charlotte Wessels reveals details of her new album, 'The Obsession'

Former Delain singer Charlotte Wessels revealed the title of her new studio album, 'The Obession' which will be released on next September 20 via Napalm Records. The first single, 'The Exorcism', is now available.

“I've been thinking a lot about the fears and behaviors I've had since I was a child, and how at certain times in life I thought I would overcome them forever, but they would always rear their ugly heads again over time. I keep wondering why, did I invite them back in? 'The Exorcism' is a call for these demons to stay away, but also a message to me and others facing similar challenges, to hold on, even if you don't think you can," says Charlotte.

While continuing to write and produce the songs in her Six Feet Under basement home studio and sharing her early incarnations with her patrons, Charlotte Wessels now brings the songs to her new album, The Obsession. em>, to the next level with a band made up of his former Delain bandmates, Timo Somers (guitars), Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije (bass) and Joey Marin de Boer (drums), as well as Sophia Vernikov ( piano).

“On the one hand, this album tells a very personal story – through an unintentional theme of fear, obsessive thoughts and the way to escape them – and at the same time represents the joy of finding the true forms of the song with all the involved in its creation. That's why I chose The Obsession as the title. "It refers to my personal challenges that inspired many of the songs, but I also started referring to the band by that same name, because there were moments in the studio with them that really reminded me why I'm obsessed with making music in the first place," Wessels finished.

‘The Obession’ – Tracklist:

1.   Chasing Sunsets
2.   Dopamine
3.   The Exorcism
4.   Soulstice
5.   The Crying Room
6.   Ode To The West Wind
7.   Serpentine
8.   Praise
9.   All You Are
10. Vigor And Valor
11. Breathe;
12. Soft Revolution (2024)

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