Cemetery Skyline releases single, 'Violent Storm'

Cemetery Skyline, the new superband featuring Markus Vanhala, Mikael Stanne, Santeri Kallio, Vesa Ranta and Victor Brandt have released their first single, 'Violent Storm'. The video is the work of Patric Ullaeus and you can see it below.

“Weather forecasts point to an approaching Nordic Gothic storm,” says Markus Vanhala. “The tone of the song is very much inspired by the empty nighttime roads of Gothenburg and its desperate stories of loneliness and loss in the beautiful and unique misery and sadness of Nordic Gothic.” Mikael Stanne adds: “It's about pent-up frustration and how it can get out of control, the feeling of helplessness and how it can take control.” Santeri Kallio concludes: “It is a simple and rocking song that represents the band perfectly.”

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